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Seasonal Warming trends

Winter months in the Northern Hemisphere are responsible for most of the observed land warming in CRUTEM4.  The summer months (June, July, August, September) essentially show no warming at all from 1850 to 1990. Overall,  NH winters have warmed about twice … Continue reading

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Land/Ocean temperature comparison.

The figure below shows all the major land temperature (anomaly) series overlayed. There are still some slight differences in normalization. Berkeley use individual station baselines, GISS use stations normals in 1951-1980 and CRU 1961-1990. NCDC uses normals relative to the full 20th … Continue reading

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Increased Trends in CRU Land Temperatures

The cause of the increase in  recent temperature anomalies in CRUTEM4 as compared to CRUTEM3  is as follows: ~0.06C  is due to a large increase in Arctic stations and later data homogenisation ~ 0.1C  is due to a change in methodology In 2012 CRU … Continue reading

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