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Differences in 2019 temperatures

HadCRUT4.6 has released their annual temperature result for 2019 as 0.74C. They grid the station data (CRUTEM4) with SST data (HADSST3) in 5×5 degree bins and perform an area weighted: global average. CRUTEM4 has 7680 stations which contribute to calculating … Continue reading

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CRUTEM4 is cooler than GHCN-V4

The October 2019 global temperature anomaly that I calculate based on the latest CRUTEM4 station data is 0.15C cooler than that using GHCN-V4 (0.79C asĀ  compared to 0.96C). The temperature series are calculated in exactly the same way and both … Continue reading

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Some CRU Anomalies

The previous post showed that changes to weather station data between CRUTEM3 and CRUTEM4.6 are responsible for converting the Hiatus into a warming trend. Here I look into some examples of those changes. I first looked for big changes in … Continue reading

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