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The atmosphere

The earth’s atmosphere keeps the planet warmer than it would be otherwise. This is demonstrated by the much colder surface temperature of the moon at the same distance from the sun but without an atmosphere. This warming effect is called the greenhouse … Continue reading

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Experimental test of Loschmidt effect

Does  a lapse rate exist in an isolated gas under a gravitational field, or is it only a bulk convective effect? This essentially was the dispute between Lochsmidt, Maxwell and Boltzman at the end of the 19th century. Maxwell and … Continue reading

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More thoughts on the Lapse Rate

The adiabatic lapse for a planet depends only on its gravity(g) and the type of molecules (diatomic, triatomic + mass) in the atmosphere (cp). Is it that simple ? I initially thought that a perfectly still non-radiating atmosphere in a … Continue reading

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