Global Temperature Update for July

There has been a slight drop in the July global average temperature (anomaly) of 0.05C from June to 0.87C. The annual average remains unchanged at 0.85C. These figures are always relative to a baseline average of 1961 – 1990.

Monthly global temperatures relative to 1961-1990 baseline

There is still a strong La Nina effect

July 2022 Temperature anomalies relative to 1961-1990 baseline.

Australia is also much cooler than normal

Average temperatures Southern Hemisphere

But things are warming up in the Northern Hemisphere.

Temperature anomalies July 2022

( Results are always based on GHCNV4 & HadSST4 using spherical triangulation)

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6 Responses to Global Temperature Update for July

  1. forbin says:

    Hello Clive ,

    thanks for the update.

    Even now our energy policy is based on hope and majical thinking. This is like playing russian roulette with 5 full chambers and one empty one.

    I conclude we are governed by children …..


  2. Don’t you agree that this micro-tracking of global temperature is kind of ridiculous? We all know that the year-to-year variations are all due to ENSO and AMO and the other climate indices, which are themselves due to a forced pattern that is at best erratic.

    • Clive Best says:

      Yes I agree it’s ridiculous, but everyone does the same thing.
      In reality it takes a decade to see systematic changes in global temperatures.
      That’s partly the reason climate scientists and the media hype up extreme weather events instead.

      • Snape says:

        Speaking of extreme events, this is a sample of what we’ve experienced recently in Portland, Or. and vicinity…..

        – September 2020: Strongest easterly winds during the fire season, resulting in what felt like apocalyptic forest fires. Several towns burned to the ground. Orange/red skies and air quality literally off the charts for a week.

        – June 2021: the record high in the month of June had been 102F. All time high had been 107F

        June 26: 108F
        June 27: 112F
        June 28: 116F

        – November 2022: deepest low pressure system ever seen off the Oregon coast.

        – April 2022: wettest on record

        – July 2022: Hottest week ever recorded

        – August 2022: hottest month ever recorded

        – July/August 2022: hottest 2 month period ever recorded

        – Currently: the record for most consecutive rainless days likely to be broken soon

        – 2015 was the hottest year on record

        – 2021 a close second



      • Snape says:

        On the flip side,
        cold extremes in the PNW have been moderating almost as fast as warm events have been increasing. Even more so as a global average – winters are warming faster than summers, nights faster than days, mountains faster than lowlands, high latitudes faster than low latitudes – with a likely net decrease in temperature extremes.

  3. I think the only way to stop this pattern of abuse is to closely track the erratic changes by accurately modeling ENSO and AMO. It can be done. However, the model is beyond the skill of climatologists as it requires solution of non-linear DiffEq’s.

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