Temperature update for August 2022

The global average temperature anomaly for August 2022 was 0.93C which is a slight rise of 0.07C  from July. The annual temperature anomaly for the first 8 months remains unchanged at 0.85C using a standard 1961-1990 baseline. So 2022  looks set to be cooler than 2016, 2019 and 2020.

Monthly Global temperatures up to August 2022

La Nina is still dominating the southern pacific.

La NIna influence remains strong

The full temperature data back to 1850 is available here.

monthly temperature anomalies

annual temperature anomalies

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3 Responses to Temperature update for August 2022

  1. Jerry says:

    Gut feel: Your global triangulation method should be used by all. However, I’m not sure what the results mean.

  2. Phil Salmon says:

    Some are commenting on similarities between the current prolonged La Niña and a comparable event in the early 1950’s, which preceded a period of global cooling. Is this comparison meaningful? Thanks

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