April Global Temperature Anomaly falls to 0.96C

April global average temperatures have fallen back from the peak in March 2023 to 0.96C .

Global Monthly temperature anomalies on a baseline of 1961-1990

There is some evidence of a developing El Nino but there were cool temperatures in North America and central Asia.

Cool conditions in North America plus some evidence of a new El Nino

After the first 4 months the yearly average is 0.96C

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  1. Mick Wilson says:

    Thanks, Clive. It looks to me like you’re using something like D3 for your rendering your global analyses. Are these products available?

    • Clive Best says:

      Hi Mick,

      I am using IDL software for rendering. The method is called spherical triangulation which treats the earth as a sphere and forms a mesh between weather stations and SST data. The end result each month is an area weighted average of all the triangles. Each triangle has a weather station or SST measurement at each vertex. The “temperatures” are of course really temperature “anomalies” relative to a baseline of 1961 – 1990

    • Clive Best says:


      All results are available

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