Temperature update for Oct 2023 is 1.1C

A little late but here is my update on the global temperatures for October 2023, The method used is always by spherical triangulation. Temperature fell from the peak in September of 1.49 to 1.29 in October.

Temperatures for November showing a cool area off Chile below a continuing El Nino

These are the monthly temperature trends

Monthly temperatures 2010 – Nov 2023

The annual average temperature for 2023 with just 2 months to go is 1.09C for 2023

Annual temperature trends updated for October 2023 compared to the underlying decadal trends.

I am convinced the decadal trends are calculated on an Icosahedral Grid are the most accurate description of “climate change”.

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3 Responses to Temperature update for Oct 2023 is 1.1C

  1. Hugo says:

    It does not prove much.
    You can also say the better you measure the more accurate you get.
    But then again, many measure points are moved to in or close to urbanization. so…
    And temperature at what level / hight.

    Where i live on a tropical island its getting more rainy and colder. i looked at data 20 years ago and temperatures are less now. and i lookd up data from 20 years ago.
    No absolutely no indication of sea-level rising or warming. the same stone i watch for 30 years gets the same level.
    Less tropical Storms too.
    Definitely more rain.

    Maybe we need some level 7 earths quakes again to rise mount Everest and Andes by half a meter to make things fit. We do take in mind that we are on plates right and everything moves up and down too.
    C0’2 is also not a constant. it varies and moves.
    So much data and everything connected to disaster scenarios and funding.
    While 1 10 km object or some volcanos, chopping down rain forests. Killing of sealife and big grazers and we still produce Hexafluoride. which all together have a way bigger effect than our schizophrenic “carbon emission “print” Which is also just an estimate. And nothing more than was, when stored in the past. Carbon is 0.004 estimated. And it goes up 50% then what. Water vapor is much stronger gasses too.
    We have no clue. we just have insufficient individual numbers which we want to add up. To a threat.

    Because that’s what’s makes politics go around.
    Good news does not fill up newspapers. Right.

    But yes its good to investigate. But do not connect doomsday models to it while growing from 1 billion to 8 and depleting water and food. And spending huge amounts of money to optimize killing people.

    But i really appreciate the efforts.


  2. Gregg E Neuendorf says:

    Our planet is a water droplet, not a rock. The land surface temperatures are a function of the hydration levels, not albedo or atmospheric greenhouse gases. The anomalies humans have created are surface related. Human impervious surfaces are hot due to lack of latent heat cooling from evaporation (among other things). Hydrated surfaces will approach wet bulb temperatures, always lower than air temperature. Human surfaces are considerably hotter than air temperatures.
    To examine the causes of the temperature anomalies requires investigating individual data points, not an average or even warm areas created by smoothing equations to create global variation graphics. Problem solving involves looking at data outside of the statistical norms. Anyone who looks at infrared photos of earth can identify the high temperature areas. If greenhouse gases were the major radiative forcing, anomalies would be relatively consistent over the entire planet. They are not. The higher temperature anomalies are in the northern hemisphere where 85% of human population imposes their heating effects.

  3. forbin says:

    Hello Clive,

    Dont tell Greta – she might get upset and you’ll end up with a “how dare you! ” accolade…. Thanks for posting whats really going on although I doubt you’ll get much traction with MSM as they like attention seeking headlines , “moderate temp increase” doesn’t sell copy like ” We’re all DOOMED ! ”



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