October temperatures rise 0.18C

October saw a large increase of 0.18C in the global average temperature (anomaly) since September.

NH Temperature anomaly distribution for October 2019

These results use a spherical triangulation of land (GHCN-V4) and ocean (HadSST3) temperature data with a baseline of 1961-1990. The methodology is described in this post

Here are the monthly trends since 1998.

Monthly global temperature anomalies since 1998

2019 is also set to be the second warmest year based on the partial average for the first 10 months.

Annual values of global temperature anomalies. 2019 is based on the first 10 months of data.

As remarked previously GHCN are no longer updating V3, which showed a significantly lower warming trend than V4.

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  1. duffieldjohn says:

    Hi Clive. Thnks re your comment on the other blog.

    How on Earth 2019 can be considered warm beats me. I had great melons last year. This year, I’ve got one. The size of a lemon.

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