Global Temperature Anomaly for August was 0.82C

My calculation of the global temperature anomaly is based on GHCN V4 and HadSST3 using a 3D spherical triangulation method and a baseline of 1961-1990. The value for August 2020 is 0.82C. Interestingly though GHCN V4 is forever updating older temperatures due to its homogenisation algorithm. So July’s temperature has also risen in value from 0.79C to 0.83C. Here is the monthly series.

Monthly temperature for August 2020. Purple shows last month’s values. Note the increase for July.

The spatial distribution shows a cooler southern hemisphere.

The annual average for the first 8 months of 2020 is 0.93C which while slowly reducing is still higher than 2016. The August estimate is 0.02C cooler than that made in July despiteĀ  the slight increase for the July monthly value.

Annual Temperature Anomalies (first 8 months 2020)

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  1. Hugo says:

    I looked at the graph world population growth. Looks very similar to the global temperature graph. Combine that with cutting down (rain) forests and overfishing and killing big sea life and big steppe animals. Then the picture gets very clear. Hydrocarbons is a minor part of the change. Something which all ready was stored in the system. But never had any attention. we rediscover a virus which was there for ages which has no real impact whatsoever on the mortality scale. (nothing as severe as dementia) And the world comes to a stop. Internet / facebook, Pensionados and medicine companies rule the world. Politicians should have a maximum age of 55.

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