April global temperature drops to 0.77C

The global average temperature anomaly for April 2022 dropped by 0.2C  since March to 0.77C (1961-1990 baseline). The highest monthly temperature ever recorded was 1.23C  in March 2016.

Monthly temperatures updated for April 2022. Data are based on GHCNV4 and HadSST4

North America shows much cooler temperatures since March with a strong La Nina evident over the Southern Pacific. (Colours shown are always relative to the normalised climate between 1961-1990)

The 2022 annual average temperature anomaly (for what it’s worth)  after the first 4 months is 0.84C . The highest annual temperature anomalies ever calculated were 0.94C in 2016 and 0.96C in 2020.


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  1. forbin says:

    Hello Clive

    too soon to say we’ve been on a plateau since 2016 ?



  2. Curt+Manning says:

    This is somewhat off subject, but I am building a climate code (zonal/diurnal) for Mars. I want to use an estimate for the emissivity of CO2 in the 15 micron band but which would let the code run fast. I am using the approximation of Ou and Liou (1983; JGR Vol 88, #C9, p. 5203-7) which involves calculating a reduced path length (i.e., P_{co2}/g kg/m^2) and approximating pressure broadening with pressure and temperature correction. I am having trouble calculating the {\overline u} (Ubar) that is in agreement with their results. [correction (P_{tot}/P_0)*{T_0/T)^{0.5)]. Can you give me some values for the emissivity of CO2 (or optical depth) of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere?

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